Herbal Soaps Box

Herbal Soaps Box

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Refreshing & Relaxation Soap Collection:
1 -  Eucalyptus Soap

1 - Mint Soap

1 - Lavender Soap



Lavender - Lessens acne, lightens skin, and reduces wrinkles. Kills bacterias and prevents acne breakouts, unclogs inflammation, soothes eczema & dry skin, calms and heals painful brakouts.
Mint - Brightens complexion, has a refreshing and soothing effect on your skin, treats acne, soothes Irritations, hydrates skin, tones skin, gets rid of blackheads, rejuvenates, slows aging.

Eucalyptus - Purifies, cleanses, lightens, reduces and eliminates harmful surface and airborne bacteria, and infections. Prevents acne, boosts circulation, adds vibrance and glow and makes skin softer.


All Soaps promotes relaxation & help relieve stress.

All Soaps are made out of real plant leaves, in-house grown & cultivated.

Good for all skin types.

Soaps can be used on face & body.


Ingredients - Shea Butter, Shreded Lavender Plant, Shreded Eucalyptus Leaf, Shreded Mint Leaf, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Argan Oil.
Weight - 3.5 oz e/a

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