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Skin Cleansing Routine

Having a clean skin can save you from having premature age marks, blackheads, acne, dark spots. We all want to have clear, young looking skin and glow naturally, so today I'm going to give you my personal tips on how I keep my skin clean and fresh!

Step 1: Wash face with soap 2 times a day -

I choose my soaps depending on what my skin is going through. If I have acne, I use the acne & hydration soaps box that brings 1 Oatmeal Soap, 1 Aloe Vera & Coconut, 1 Orange & Lemon Soap. The Oatmeal soap helps me dry the pimples and to balance the PH and oil excess on my skin. The Aloe Vera & Coconut soap helps me reduce and avoid the acne marks, clear dark spots and to keep my skin hydrated. The Orange & Lemon soap brightens and lightens my skin by also reducing the appearance of acne and dark spots, but this last one has natural lemon and orange juice which is why I try to avoid using it when I know I'm going to be exposed to the sun.

Step 2:

Clean skin with toner -

I use rose water or cucumber toner, they are both great antioxidants and cleansers. I spray toner on my face directly or on a cotton and clean the hidden areas as my nose divisions, neck and eyelids.

The use of toners will keep your pores healthy and clean which at the same time will not allow the acne bacteria so easily.

(You would think after washing your face with soap it's clean but take a look at your cotton, please, and you will see why toners are important).

Of course, you cannot forget to always take off your make up, don't matter what time it is!!! After wearing make up, always wash your face and don't let your pores get contaminated.

Two easy steps to have a beautiful clean skin.