Homemade Keratin Recipe

Hello, beautiful people!

Just like we promised, we are posting our first MONDAY recipe. Today we are doing a homemade keratin with ingredients everyone has at home. Let's get started!


1 Banana (if you have long hair, use 2)

1 Egg (including yolk)

2 Spoons of mayonnaise


- Blend all ingredients. - If your blender is long like mine, you can add a little water.

- Texture should be inter medium ( not too thick, not too liquid)

- Apply keratin from your scalp to your tips. - Leave it on for 2 hours.

- You can do a bun or put a hair bag (itches with the bag)


- Banana: Makes hair grow, strengthens it and reduces breakage, prevents and control dandruff, moisturizes your scalp and adds shine.

- Egg: Promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, eradicates dryness and breakage, controls dandruff, repairs damaged hair and adds shine.

- Mayonnaise: Because of the egg and lemon that it contains, it adds softer, shinier and smoother feeling hair.

You can apply this keratin twice a week & if you have left overs you can refrigerate it. If you have very dry hair, you can add a little olive oil.

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