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As a Peruvian woman, I grew up hearing about the healing power of the Pachamama, about the strength of our ancestors, the long and strong hair of our Andean and Amazon women and the tributes paid to the Pachamama. 

Now, as an adult I find myself lucky to have been able to corroborate that the stories I heard as a child are true.

To live according to the principles of the Pachamama shall reflect reverence to the earth as a mother, as the creator of people, as a being, an entity to whom we are united by affection and who we must take care of and be grateful for.

This is the reason why all of the products I make are made of all natural, ethically sourced ingredients and vegan.  It is also the reason why I make zero waste products, reuse and refill plastic containers.

This my way to take care and respect my mother earth and her children.

Finally, I pay tribute to the Pachamama by donating 5% off my monthly revenue to animals' and earth care takers' entities.


Samantha Gonzales Abdel-Aziz


Pachamama Is Mother Earth

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